Thursday, November 09, 2006

Understanding Purgatory... more links

As November is a special month dedicated to the
Holy Souls, below are some links to some articles (followed by my own article):

How to expalain Purgatory to our Protestant brothers and sisters:

Purgatory and praying for the Dead

The historical roots of the doctrine of Purgatory:

St. Ambrose on death:

Pope John Paul II’s General Audience on Purgatory (8/4/99):

What is the origin of All Saints and All Souls Day.
Are they linked with paganism and Haloween?

Why we pray for the dead; activities for catechists and families, etc.:

All Soul's Day history, information, prayers, resources, traditions, etc.

Indulgences related to All Souls

More blogging on the matter.... (note: some things that this guy writes
are from private revelations to saints, etc.,... so they are not necessarily official
church teaching [such as the belief that most souls leave purgatory on Christmas]...
you are not required to believe them)