Friday, November 16, 2007

Go see "Bella"!

I received this via email and decided to post it here rather than forwarding it...
Go see Bella! It is a fine movie with a strong family, pro-life message. When studios produce quality movies that do not rely on the typical Hollywood gutter conventions, we have to go out an support them. This is a way of "voting" for the kind of media culture that you want--a culture of love and life, or one of lust/sin/death. I will post a review of Bella (saw it last Sat.) shortly...

check out the film's website (and locate theatres that are showing the film):
From Eduardo Verastegui,
lead actor and Producer of film "Bella"

URGENT!!---- Bella is the #1 Top Rated Movie in the US but If the movie "Bella" does not have high box office scores this weekend

Because of your help the distributor is doubling the number of theaters showing Bella
We can do it again and make it to the #1 busiest box office weekend of the year....Thanksgiving weekend.

It is "do or die" for this film to succeed.
We need to mobilize everyone we know to watch this film Fri-Sunday (Nov 16-18). Why?
This is what we need from you to do today, in the next 48 hours.
How You Can Help Bella:
Email this to everyone you know!

Click on the link below to see all the ways you can help

Together we can make a difference!-Eduardo Verastegui

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