Monday, February 12, 2007

Resources for Lent

Here are some links to Lent resources available on the web. I will try to post more links as I stumble upon them:
Lent resources from US Bishops website:

Women for Faith and Family page:

Via the site Catechetical Resources: (, go to Class room resources and search under Lent:

From :

Exploring Lent, Mary Ellen Vice

Family Stations of the Cross:

MANY Group activities for groups age 6 and up… (Stations of the Cross, Seder meal, etc.) [scroll down to Lent/Easter section]:

Articles related to the theme of Lent and Easter, giving interesting and useful information about celebrating Lent and Easter, the liturgical life ... etc.

Some good articles and stuff from (History of Lent, the meaning of ashes, etc.):

A Bible study on Jesus’ passion:

Christ Our Life ( [go to resources, and click seasonal resources]

The history of Lent:

Lent and social justice (almsgiving):

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