Monday, July 16, 2007

Robin Williams' Sick Humor Shows Sad Ignorance About Human Sexuality and Celibacy

Robin Williams made an ass of himself on the Tonight Show by going on an anti-Catholic tirade slandering all priests:

[By the way, I love when comedians use the horror of sexual abuse as an excuse for some cheap laughs and a chance to spew hatred for the Church and then they try to take the moral high ground and act as if they are courageously speaking out like investigative journalists (as if we have not already read and heard about the scandals practically every day in the secular media). Form the article above:
"Vieira asked him if he cares that he offended people. Williams started to say that he does care, then said, “No. You can’t ignore it. If you do, then why live in this world?” " Why ignore the issue when you can use it for cheap laughs when you have run out of material.

Discussion on Catholic Answers Forum

This was my quick email to NBC:

"I did not watch the episode of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno starring Robin Williams, but I did read newspaper articles that quoted his sick comments. I am appalled. I am a Catholic man who is celibate and is considering entering a religious order. His comments regarding celibacy and the priest abuse scandal were deeply disturbing. I am frightened by a man who revels in sexual abuse as a topic for humor. Yikes! I cannot begin to address the level of his ignorance regarding 1.) the Catholic Church's 2,000 year old tradition of celibacy, 2.) the Church's beautiful teaching on human sexuality, and 3.) the root causes of sexual abuse (the vast majority of which occurrs by married heterosexual men in private homes).

I am saddened that NBC makes no apology for promoting this kind of sick humor and emabarassing ignorance (when the mere mention of a derogatory term for homosexual leads to a star being ousted from a popular TV series on another network). What hypocrisy! NBC now joins the ranks of FOX for its anti-Catholic slams. I will never watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno again... and I will spread the word about NBC shows to my friends and families. I know that it is the TV business, but please have a shred of decency.
I would appreciate a response. Thank you."