Monday, October 01, 2007

prayer request

This comes from a friend's email:

Please see Sr. Raffaella's prayer request below. Sr. Raffaella is one of the Apostles
of the Interior Life who is evangelizing the campus of UW-Madison. She has spoken
at the Martha & Mary Women's Conference in the past. Thanks for your prayers.

Keep your eyes on Christ

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Per gli amici Italiani: troverete la traduzione dell'e-mail piu' sotto!

Dear friends,
Hope all is well with you. I am sending out this general e-mail

because I'm looking for powerful prayers.

This Wednesday I will be part of a debate on abortion in a local
public High School in Madison, WI. They were looking for a pro-life speaker to debate on abortion, while there will be someone from
NARAL (National Abortion Right Alliance League)/PP arguing
on the opposite side. There will be 2 debates, each of which will
last 90 minutes, and it will be with juniors and seniors in High

Apparently there is much to know about public debates, many ins
and outs, many tricks and stuff. I honestly won't spend much time
looking into that. I will rather spend the next 2 days in prayer and
in preparation for the topic, for questions that will be posed or
thrown at me. The best thing though about this debate is that I
won't be alone, because there will be hundreds and hundreds of
people praying for me and for the spiritual success of the debate.
I invite you to ask the Lord to open the hearts and minds of the
students as they hear the debate; as I have come to realize
throughout the years, it is not a matter of winning an argument
but of winning hearts. So, let us pray that the success will be a
spiritual one, one of those that touches the depth of the lives of
the students.

Thank you very much for your help. May the Lord reward you all abundantly.
Peace and prayers,

Sister Raffaella
St. Paul's University Catholic Center
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

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