Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stations of the Cross for children: a sampling

I was surfing the net for some Stations of the Cross for children, and thought I would posts some links to a few I found. I also printed these out and have them available at the office:

-Large size colorable pages of the stations (just the images and the station titles, no description texts or prayers). I like this one best. I will print these out on cardstock so that we have a "portable" stations set that we can hang up in the daily mass chapel when requested (or, you can have a set printed out for your room--just ask, and we will make the copies:

-From CatholicMom.com another set of colorable stations, though these images are smaller than the ones found at the link above (also a little more carto0nish):

-from DomesticChurch.com:

-a stations for children, the images are not much, but there is a description text that you can check out. Also, a decent introduction to the Stations (explaining the meaning of a "station" etc.):

-a printer-friendly text for the stations:

-A traditional stations of the Cross booklet from the 1930's, short, with beautiful color pictures. Can be printed out as one-sided sheets, or as two-sided booklet form:

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